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Jeep 1941 - Assembly Kit

Descripción del modelo 3D

HI! welcome to keep playing all life long with scale modeling, now with 3d printing!

This is tribute to the legendary GP 1941.

Files .stl are made in scale 1:1, so you can choose model scale by printing in diferent scale... I recomend:

1:48 scale, use factor 0,0208 - (Ideal for DLP printers)

1:35 scale, use factor 0,2857 - (Ideal for FDM printers)

Parámetros de impresión 3D

I printed this with two diferent printers / parameters:

1 - Wanhao I3 (FDM) : using plamax white, 100 microns
2 - Wanhao D7 (DLP) : using Wanhao Clear Resin: 100 microns

Painted with acriliyc.

  • Formato de modelo 3D : STL



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Architect & urbanist, designer, innovation enthusiast and fun of scale model hobby.



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