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La pesada gravedad de BOIS se vistió de cruzada_Apoyo

Calidad de creación: 4,9/5 (10 votos)
Evaluación de los miembros: imprimibilidad, utilidad, detalles, etc.
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Descripción del modelo 3D

29 stls +4 + 5 + 6 stls libres

Heavy Gravity BOIS se disfrazó para Halloween. Su tema es la cruzada.

Cabezas y hombros (genial para defenderse de los copos)

cuerpos, piernas y mochilas stls. todos diferentes, tendrás mucho material para hacer diferentes BOIS pesados. Todas las partes se pueden conbinar con los paquetes anteriores.


         ** Versión Pressuported para 29 stls + 6 stls gratis de ustedes perezosos ya disponible 😛

        ** Añadiré las versiones presupuestas para las espadas de poder y el paquete de poder

        ** También he añadido los bolters regulares de la cruzada para los BOIS pesados

        ** Quedan por subir las versiones presuportadas para las espadas y bolters

Parámetros de impresión 3D

estos están hechos para impresoras de resina, si eres un brujo que puede imprimir esto con impresora fdm por favor envíame tu configuración.

Información sobre el 3D archive

  • Formato de diseño 3D: ZIP Detalles del fichero Cerrar
    • BT shoulder and helms
    • Black
    • UPDATE BT_powerpack_hand'

    Más sobre los formatos

  • Última actualización: 2021/11/09 18:52
  • Fecha de publicación: 2021/10/08 19:58





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Any ETA on when the swords and bolters will be presupported?

  • 1 me gusta

awsome work
will there be other weapon options like axes or claws?

awesome pack.....I am getting a "Path too long" error trying to unzip "presup_BT_legs_torso_helms_pads_powerpack" though

if you still have a problem, send me an email "" and I will send you a link :D

Awesome work and my first ever print! All the presupported stuff printed perfectly! And let me figure out how to get supports working correctly for the stuff that wasn't, my reprint on the weapons came out great, they look fantastic well worth a couple of quid! Just what i need for the crusader bois! Keep up the amazing work.

Dress these bois up as Bloody Bois and you'll have my money!

Would you consider adding a one-handed bolter weapon? Maybe one held in a sling? Would open up pose options a lot.

Really love your work on this and the other heavy bois!

  • 1 me gusta

I would love to know how you make cloth pieces so well :D

alot of practice and trial and error!!

I am printing them right now!

Can you recommend me some arms to add them?

  • 1 me gusta

check my other bundles too, also I will add some arms in this one soon

I know others have already requested this, but are we able to get generic versions of these bois. Alternatively are all the parts merged or could we manually remove the crosses ourselves?

These are awesome! Will you be making a version of the Shield of Storms to match the Bois Dressed up for Crusade?

  • 2 me gusta

I printed one to test and the heavy weapon for gravity bois didn't work well with the ornamented backpack. The cable can't fit. Only way is snapping off the dangling bits on that side.

you're right !! :D
I will update a power pack that on one side will not have decorations, to fit the heavy weapon

The models look amazing both as a design and when printed. If I could have just one small suggestion, the accessories on the backpack (incense and crosses) are extremely fragile and I have already broken half of them when cleaning the models or painting. If you could support them better (placed a bit higher on the backpack, or two next to each other on a thick chain), the model would definitely be more difficult to damage. Ultimately, they are used to play;)

These looks incredible
Is there any possibilities to have those without the Maltese crosses? I'd like to make those for my custom chapter and the ornaments and tabards are amazing, but the crosses sculpted onto it won't quite fit
If you ever plan on making a gloomy angel version could you release the "iconless" version aswell? I'd gladly buy that, maybe even comission it..

I would also like this if possible :)

Absolutely amazing. Is there any chance of seeing these boys in Gloomy Angel cosplay? That would be an auto-buy for me.


If you can make a wepons pack. And bolters with slings....that would also be your stuff

Printed up these bois this morning, and they are outstanding! Can not recommend enough. Excited to see what the sword arms bring!

  • 1 me gusta

MORE....we must have MORRRRREEEEEEEE How much to get some assault intercessors all crusaded up?

they are in my "to do list" :D

By the golden pecs of valdor! nice!

  • 1 me gusta


  • 1 me gusta

Will you be making more crusader bois in the future?

yeah most probably running (assulting) primary models


  • 1 me gusta

The Emperor Protects!!!

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