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Figurilla guerrera del culto a la destrucción

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Descripción del modelo 3D

//Actualización: todos los archivos STL están ahora disponibles en versión pre-soportada

/Actualización: las armas de los destructores pesados se han ampliado ligeramente para que coincidan perfectamente con el tamaño original

// Actualización: se han añadido 2 opciones de armas de destructores pesados, lo que permite imprimir destructores pesados para cada pose, imágenes visibles en la última posición de las miniaturas.

**/ Para celebrar la palabra clave básica para los destructores

El pack incluye ahora un tecnomante volador para seguir y reanimar a tus destructores**

// Ahora disponible con una variante del diseño del cañón Gauss (4 cañones en lugar de 2). Siga las instrucciones de la "Configuración de la impresión 3D" más abajo.

El hermano pequeño del destructor pesado actualizado con cañones gauss.

Declinación en tres posturas diferentes

En la foto la figura está impresa con un Phrozen sonic mini 4k

Parámetros de impresión 3D

Al imprimir en SLA, cada modelo se descompone en 9 elementos que caben en una pequeña bandeja de impresión.

Instrucciones para las opciones de armado: siga el documento de texto incluido en el archivo

Información sobre el 3D archive

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  • Última actualización: 2022/01/22 20:25
  • Fecha de publicación: 2021/11/09 09:50





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I'm 3d artist and wargame player.
3d print create a fantastic bridge between my job and miniature hobby.
I first modeled miniatures I wanted to play, or miniature I want to redesign.
I want now to work on new projects, not only for my own need but in collaboration with users for creating brand new miniature according to new ideas, lack off model in some codex, new fluff interpretation or whatever we can imagine....
If you like this idea, join the project on discord :

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8 comentarios

hey, great models! just one little thing, since the "corps_bas" part is kinda the same in the 3 versions, I'd love to have the same socket for the 3 "corpse_haut" to avoid supporting the same piece 3 times XD

Hi, this is a good idea. I receive a lot of request for this model (provide supported files, rename all parts in english, increase heavy destroyers weapons size...), i'll include your idea in the next update

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Does this models supported?

Hi do you mean stl with supports are included ? No, it's not because for me supports are a setup according to everyone printer and 3D printers habit. But I can provide my files with supports I set up for a phrozen mini 4K if you wish

Hi, current package contains fully supported STL now

Great models, i printed one and it looks great, any chance for a HEAVY single barrel weapon?

Hi, you mean like old heavy destroyer ? I can work on it

no, big, like the new heavy destroyers! :)

Oh yeah :) I can't promess you to do it very soon because of christmas and time needed to finish current model i'm working on, but yes

I am very happy to hear that, so I will hold off on printing for now :)

Hi, sorry for the time it took, but i finally found time to add heavy destoyers weapons. You can resume printing destroyers :)

i didn't print new parts yet, tell me if you meet issues

Thanks they look very good! i printed gaus destructor, but its a bit to small (about 12mm to short). tomarrow i will try to print a 22% up scale version with 5% bigger arms.

Hi,sorry about the too small gauss destructor. Is it to small :
- Because it don't fit with the other part ? -> I need to correct that, maybe a scale factor error but during export
- Or according to the original size of the weapon ? -> I don't own the original miniature, I model using picture so I try to get general good proportion but I can't reproduce 100% same scale.

to small according to the original size of the weapon - oryginal is about 50mm long and more massive

thank you for this clarification, it will be next update. Same for enmitic exterminator ?

i did not print the enmitic exterminator but i can mesure original when i will be back from work

i can confirm that printing gaus destrustor at 122% scale is the perfect size (oryginal is about 62-63 long). Oryginal enmitic exterminator with cable slot is about 60mm long. Now i just neas to scale arms right so that they will fit.

Sorry I didn't see your answer, I'll correct that in next update, many people asked me to modify this model, it will be next update

Awesome, thanks for the free cryptek!

What program would be best to rebuild the files? I am using meshmixer but several parts are a ways off, working at piecing it back together but I have no experience with 3d editing software.

What do you mean by "rebuild" ? it is assembling back all parts together in a single file to edit it or fixing geometry ?
For the first case I think you need a real polygon editor like Blender. Importing all stl will place all element in correct pose.
For the second case, I don't know meshmixer, but you can do a lot of things with netfabb (isolated vertices, unwelded vertices, inverted normals) Pusa slicer has a magic button "fix model with netfabb" right clicking on model, it will send the model to netfabb webservice and get the fixed files directly on the slicer.
But with this model I think that everything has been already fixed, I printed it several time with no issu, and I got good technical feedback of community.

Any tips for orientation/supports?

Shells : oriented as more as possible verticaly on Y axis, with supports on the bottom edge, some support on the inside face and no supports on outside face. This part is so light you can print it posing like a leaf.
Main frame : same orientation as the miniature pose, most support will be under the miniature so not visible, and most vertical elements will grow fine without supports
Body : idem, like the final pose.
Arms : here sometime, let the software choosing orientation works well. Only few supports are needed. If you orient elbows on the top, hands and shoulders on the bottom, supports will be on male pins, so no visible. If you do the opposite, less supports are needed but supports on elbows can still visible after removing them.
Base : You can try without support or rotate the base 45° and fill the bottom with a lot of support, they will be easy to remove and base bottom can be sanded.
Base weapon : the most visible face on the top, this way you avoid supports on this parts, mostly on the wire.
Weapon cannon : perfectly straigth and vertical to avoid support on details.

If your slicer doesn't do it automaticly, change supports diameter on light parts (like back bones), less than 1mm is fine, more easy to remove and no marks after removing.

In most case, try to orient part as vertical as possible, SLA hates horizontal (unlike FFD) at least on most visible part of the model.

I'm not doing commercial but I like to say using Prusa Slicer help a lot (rather than chitubox) and if you can afford it, Leetchi slicer is even better thanks to its island detection and micro supports.

These are awesome! Printing the third one now, first two came out flawlessly

great ! i'll be happy to see them printed and painted !

This thing is beautiful and I bought it as soon as I saw, but the only thing I would ask is if you could make the gun have 4 barrels instead of 2 so it looks less like a gauss blaster.

Thank you, I'm glad you like the model. But yes you're right, the gun look's like too much a gauss blaster, I guess I wanted to make this destroyer too much different of the old one with 4 barrels...but now it's look like a basic warrior, bad karma to roll 6 for damages ! I will draw gun option with 4 barrels, I just need few days to finish the model I'm working on now, and redesign this gauss cannon. Wish you happy print.

The model definitely looks great so far. All parts of the four barrel option seem to be a little messed up. Like they're inside out or something. Both the base of the weapon and the barrels.

Thank you for comment, indeed you're right I don't always merge elements of a part because most of the time slicer does not care about it and print find (because slicing with SLA becomes bitmap not 3D anymore). But maybe this time it doesn"t work for you ? Give few days to fix it.

New version of the gun uploaded

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