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AK47 from Rust

Descripción del modelo 3D

Esta pistola fue inspirada por el concepto de juego de Rust del AK47, del Devblog de Rust

El arma fue diseñada por Sergei Kolesnik y es un regalo a toda la comunidad de Rust!
El modelo se compone de 21 partes, todos los archivos son gratuitos, usted puede imprimir y montar esto usted mismo si tiene una impresora 3D, o encontrar a alguien en MyMiniFactory Connect para imprimirlo para usted!

Esto fue pintado a mano por Sarah Wade

  • Formato de modelo 3D : ZIP



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The work is based on the concept art. but you do not see it. you consider yourself the cleverest in the world. Usually people like you can not create anything. Good luck wise.

Hehe tough shit, unfortunately you posted it on a site where people have those, and a comment section. Flawed design.

I'm not interested in your opinion dude

I cant for the love of me understand why the heck it is designed like this. You see that gap between the handle and the receiver? Its not supposed to be there. Noticed this while being done printing. I dont get why you would design it like that. That is freaking stupid friend. Ingame there isnt a gap. Not to mention that there is a lot of cutting involved with this print. You cant friction fit two pieces like the design suggests, that would imply that there are marginals for error with 3d printing Unfortunately this is not the case... You will allways have shrinking etc... So glue glue and more glue would work better, or better "fittings" for putting the pieces together. A square with a square hole wont do anyone with a 3d printer any good. Just some thoughts on the design.

I will say this tho, beautiful model. Thanks for the upload. Please fix the issues I mentioned and its perfect.