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Sistema de Estampado de Tarjetas Personales

Descripción del modelo 3D

Dale nueva vida a tus tarjetas personales.--

Simplemente gira los rodillos y graba relieve sobre tus tarjetas.

-13 diseños incluidos:
· Like a Sir
· Dots
· Waves
· Checkers
· Lightning
· Fancy
· Connect
· ZigZag
· Smiley
· Sunglasses
· Auriculares
· Emoji Biceps
· Corazones
· Auriculares

  • El sistema completo consiste de 4 partes:
    ·Body_cap2 o Body_cap2_tighter_tolerances

  • Solo tenes que imprimir Body_cap1 y Body_cap2 una vez, y luego podes intercambiar rodillos. No hay que pegar nada, todo entra a presion

  • PEDI TU PROPIO LOGO: Quieres tu propio logo? por 3eur extra lo hacemos a pedido :)

PRO TIP: No lo uses solo para tarjetas personales, podes estampar cualquier papel.

  • UPDATE: Agregue body_cap2_tigther_tolerances para la gente que necesita un encastre mas justo.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

  • 2 perimetros
  • 20% relleno
  • 0.2 altura de capa
  • 3 top and bot capas solidas
  • Imprimir los rodillos en posicion vertial (vas a necesitar un poquito de soportes)
  • Formato de archivo 3D : STL



Designs 17
Descargadas 4600
Ventas 1 762 US$

We are a 3D Printing Company based in Argentina!
We develop our own printers, filament and we provide 3d printing services!



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27 comentarios

I'd also like to have a custom one done... can't find your contact info or instructions for submitting and payment.

Hi, how does it work when i want a custom Logo ? I bought yor embosser a while ago and now i wanna have a embossing roll with my Logo.

Mmm must just be my thick rich business cards then. Are you using printer papers for yours?

If you need a handle to crank this then you have probably grown up on soy I guess. It spins very easy with a card in it.

I think you forgot the handle in this one XD The free version on thingiverse has it tho.

I actually inserted a square metal socket adapter into the hole (after resizing) and used a minature socket wrench for the crank (one that locks or allows you to go left/right click). That worked well.

If possible, STOP that ugly animation of the print. I think it's stupid and has no value in presenting your product which is definitely cool in its own right.

Is it possible you could post the STL of the crank ?

@rsceok the hole on the side was for a crank, but in some cases (some brands of filament or diff materials) the force required to spin it was too much for the crank. But we decided to leave the holes there in case someone wants to add one :)
Also, the best printing orientation is with the drums in vertical position, with supports.

This printed for me with zero supports just fine. IT almost had an issue on the bottom of the cylinders, I would put some VERY light supports there for anyone reading this and wondering. That's all I would have needed for a perfect print imo.

@Filar3d Is this designed to use some sort of handle that goes into the square hole on the side of these drums? To make it easier to spin. Or was that an idea that didn't work out?

Jan, your model was sent a long time ago, I am re-sending the email....

"How do I order with a custom logo?"

I would not bother. I sent in money for a custom logo over a month ago, and never got a reply.

How do I order with a custom logo?

disculpe, pero ¿no hay nadie que responda?
Envié dos o tres mensajes para una personalización de los rodillos y no recibí ninguna devolución.
gracias por hacer un contacto rápido, por favor

Not at all man! We are sorry! Please send us a new email, we had so many requests that it was super hard to keep track of every custom design!

Hey, did you forget about me? I paid you for a custom logo 24 days ago.

I have an SLA printer for hyper detail, so would you be able to make textured scale a roller?

Mmm it should be an easy print for a resin printer, the only thing I can think of is tolerances. You will need tigther tolerances.

Do you foresee any problems doing this with a UV resin printer? How do we specify and pay for the custom logo? Thanks!

It can be done, but remember this is FDM printing, small details wont be visible, send me an email to with your design or logo so I can tell you

Hi, can I get my logo with someting written like "suivez nous sur [facebook logo] et [instagram logo] !" Thanks !

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