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Descripción del modelo 3D

ACTUALIZACIÓN: 18/04/21 Variante BMG+E3D+V6 añadida.

ACTUALIZACIÓN: 17/01/21 Se ha añadido la variante BMG+E3D+V2

El conducto _ASYM resuelve el problema de la interferencia con el motor X.

ACTUALIZACIÓN: 15/01/21 Se ha añadido la variante BMG-WIND.

ACTUALIZACIÓN: 24/8/20 Se ha añadido la versión BMG-M (Mosquito).

ACTUALIZACIÓN: 8/12/20 Se ha añadido la versión VOLCANO, nueva imagen con compensaciones ABL para el volcán.

¡VOLVEMOS A LA CARGA! ¡Esta publicación es para la toma de JL Design en el conducto Single 5015! (El 5015 doble vendrá más tarde en una actualización)


-Montaje ajustable para un ajuste fino en los ejes X y Z.

  • Opción de amortiguador de vibraciones TPU para reducir las vibraciones y el ruido

  • Eficiencia del 96% para los ventiladores 5015

  • Gestión de los cables de los ventiladores

  • Soporta BMG + Mosquito O BMG + Dragón

  • Soporta Stock Volcano+Titan

  • Múltiples montajes ABL (BLtouch, Stock endstop, M12 y 18 inductivo, y más)

  • Versiones de tuerca hexagonal o inserto roscado (ambas incluidas como .zip)

Piezas impresas:


-Soporte de pivote inferior

-Escuadra de pivote

-Escuadra adaptadora ABL

-Amortiguador de cables

-Soporte ABL (opcional)

-Inserto de amortiguación de las vibraciones de Tpu (opcional)

  • 1x (sólo para mosquitos)

  • 1x (extensor de extremos)

Lo que se necesita:

(1) Ventilador 5015

(4) Tuercas M3 para el montaje del soporte adaptador

(8) tornillos M3x8

(2) tornillos M3x14+.

(1) Tornillo M3x25

(1) Tornillo M3x30

(6) insertos roscados o tuercas M3

Instrucciones de montaje:

1.) Inserte sus insertos de latón o tuercas M3 en las piezas con pistola de calor o soldador (sólo para los insertos)

2.) Monte la placa pivotante deslizante en el soporte de montaje ABL utilizando 4 tuercas M3 y tornillos M3x8

5.) Fije el soporte de pivote inferior al conducto del ventilador utilizando 2 tornillos M3x8

& inserte el ventilador asegurándolo con M3x25

6.) Inserte el clip de sujeción de alambre en el soporte deslizante

7.) Fije su ventilador al soporte deslizante con pernos M3x30 y M3x14

8.) Fije el cable del ventilador a la pinza de sujeción de cables y conéctelo al puerto de la placa hija X1

9.) (Opcional) Fije su sonda ABL al soporte ABL y luego al soporte de montaje ABL utilizando un perno M3x14

10.) si se utiliza el mosquito o el dragón, tendrá que imprimir un extensor de extremo, enlace publicado anteriormente. Siga las instrucciones de Thingiverse para la fijación.

NOTA: usted tendrá que establecer su nuevo Z-offset en su firmware

NOTA2: tendrá que actualizar sus compensaciones ABL en su firmware para que coincidan con las siguientes

Desplazamientos ABL Mosquito y BMG-M: X=+38, Y=-41

Desplazamientos ABL Volcano: X=+29, Y=-34

Además, si tienes curiosidad el conducto base que hemos utilizado para la comparación CFD es este:

¡También tenemos otros conductos puedes ver la colección completa aquí!

Parámetros de impresión 3D

1.) Materiales preferidos: ABS, PETG o PC recomendados debido a la exposición al calor del hotend.

1a.) El inserto del amortiguador de vibraciones de TPU debe imprimirse en TPU, más suave = mejor

2.) Boquilla de 0,4 mm o boquilla de 0,6 mm

3.) NO se necesita soporte

  • Formato de archivo 3D: ZIP
  • Última actualización: 2021/04/18 00:28
  • Fecha de publicación: 2020/07/31 05:03



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Joint venture by two buddies on separate sides of the pond who joined forces to make the best damn fan ducts for as many 3D printers as we can



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@ Youngro8 Don't worry, you can use the E3D Dragon V6 configuration duct but I need to change the ABL bracket slots. For this please contact us privately by e-mail As soon as you are satisfied I will put the bracket in Cults for all those people who have E3D-v6.

Crap I think I messed up a bought the wrong one, will any of these fit on the BMG+E3D+V6 ? I saw E3D and assumed the normal E3D V6 was supported. They are adjustable, which one would be closest in size to the BMG+E3D +V6?

@FLASH We have posted on our page, the double 5015 volcano.

@JLdesigns3d alright'll be worth the wait i'm sure :)

@KOSMAK We are really happy that you enjoyed our duct. The double volcano will be out very soon, if it is successful, we will also release the other configurations.

@FLASH Still a little patience, for the double Volcano, I'm preparing the files.

@JLdesigns3d I cant wait for a double Mosquito/Dragon version. I recently picked up one and I must say, This duct works flawlessly with it. Tho the vision of running two fans with reduced noise and improved cooling? That seems fucking dope. Love you guys!

@FLASH Thank you very much for your comment and for your patience. With certainty I can tell you, that you will not have to wait that long but only 3-4 days and we will publish the double 5015 volcano.

I know it takes a lot of time and effort "even geniuses like you guys" to design and iterate the existing design into a 2 fan model. But do you have the slightest idea how much work is left? 1-2-3 months?, Perhaps even an ETA?. . I'm just curious.

Keep up the good work,.Lovely designs very much appreciated!! Thanks

@Pmflav Thanks a lot, I double-checked adapter 2 in the config-wind and they are correct. Both versions (insert and nut) have 4 nuts used to lock the fan bracket and also allow a small adjustment in X. While to lock the bltouch bracket you have the possibility to put either the insert or the nut. Open them both so you can see the difference. If you have other doubts contact us in private, we will be happy to help you.

Thankyou. Excellent work. Just a note for the BMG Wind, the Adapter_2(Insert).stl is actually the hex version, would it be possible for you to upload the insert version. Cheers.

@JLdesigns3d haha i cant wait <3

@JLdesigns3d Music to my ears. Open the wallet.

@FLASH WOW, I don't know what you will tell me when you see the double fan configuration.

@Kosmak Hi Friend, I didn't even know his existence, however very sexy. I don't have an assembly cad, it looks similar to the dragon but I can't verify it. If you have a .STEP assembly cad, I could check if it is compatible with one of the five kits already available, our design has many adjustments.

@Horns Optimized and released the double volcano, it won't take long for all the other versions.

@Zogar Great news for you. We have made the cad of the double 5015, the publication is not for now, there are tests to do, but it will be the next publication.

Hey man! Do you plan on doing BMG+V6 Version or Version for the new sexy Dragonfly hotend? <3

@JLdesigns3d thanks for the cleanup and the addition of the files for the BMG/E3d/Volcano. Excellent design!

Yes please, Dual fan BMG Wind/volcano
name your price. Love your work. awesome designs. Thanks

I need dual volcano please.

@Horns Thank you very much for the information. I have reviewed the whole page and divided by configurations. I have added more images for easier understanding. Let me know if there are any other errors.

@jldesigns3d Is it possible that something went wrong with zipping of the files? I see 2 times the BMG Wind version but no files regarding the BMG/V6/Volcano version? Or am i looking wrong?

@Corne & @Dziacial We just uploaded a version that allows a BMG+E3Dheatsink+Volcano, please re-download and select the .zip files for this variant.
Thanks as always for your support and feedback!

Any idea when you are able to upload the BNG+V6 Volcano version?

Awesome thanks!

@Flash Ok thanks, as soon as possible, I'll prepare the files and update. We will also insert the parts for the WIND extruder.

Yes please let the holidays be over ;)

Count me as another person for BMG + V6 volcano version

@Flash Due to the numerous requests, this BMG + E3D v6 volcano vertical update will be inserted after the holidays.

@JLDesigns3d Please make E3D V6 available for purchase :)

@RalphGuillou Do you mean E3D V6 with vertical hotend + BMG? If you mean that, yes, we helped a guy by creating new parts. He bought our duct and then had to replace the hotend with an E3D. We did not enter it because we only had one request.

hello do you have made it for v6 and bmg ? thank you

3 months, still waiting for dual 5015 volcano. Give me a christmas gift :D

@1EXCUSES We are happy that you appreciate our work. The BMG-M made us sweat a lot to ensure sufficient flow under the nozzle precisely due to the fact that it cannot be rotated. Your sensation can be justified by the holes that have different exit angles, this to concentrate the flow under the nozzle. Contact us privately here and send us a picture of what you mean by lengthening the duct. If you intend to lengthen the tips, some users have informed us that there was interference with the X motor in the home. However we are here to satisfy all your needs. Let us know your intentions.

@ jldesigns3d thanks, i already got it and printed it. the holders themselves are great, can be adjusted wonderfully, but i have the feeling that the bmg - m with the mosquito the fan does not come far enough to the nozzle. i have too little airflow at the back of the component. with bmg and adapter it would probably be enough, because it is turned 90 degrees. if there is a longer fan, i would be pleased.

@1EXCUSES Within this configuration you will find both the duck for BMG + adapter + mosquito and both the duck for BMG-M + mosquito which is the version without adapter.

i am also interested in this mount.
does it work with the mosquito which is screwed directly to the bmg ? or is this model only suitable for bmg models with the mosquito and the adapter ?
i am also interested in the version with the two fans.

look forward to your answer.


@ZOGAR It's in progress but I can't give you a release date. Stay tuned.

when Dual 5015? I m waiting for it.

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