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10/22 Existencias de vectores

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Descripción del modelo 3D

Este modelo le da a una fábrica 10/22 la apariencia de una acción de Vector Kriss, junto con una manija de carga a la izquierda, y 2 áreas de almacenamiento de magnetos en la parte inferior

Parámetros de impresión 3D

Esto se imprimió a una altura de capa de 0,12 mm, usando una boquilla de 0,4 mm, con un grosor de pared estándar de 2,4 mm.

  • Formato de archivo 3D: ZIP
  • Fecha de publicación: 2020/08/31 06:35



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No, this is a stock for a real firearm, it changes the guns appearance.

Mwnickerson, if you have purchased this model, pm me on insta and I will send you the original fusion files to work with

Might be stupid, does this actually shoot 3D printed bullets?

Hi I am looking to make cosmetic changes, would it be possible to get the .step files?

I personally used the standard 10 shot 10/22 magazines

Im in the process of buying this to complete this build.
What mag did you procure for this build ? Trying to locate everything i need first.

Stock 10/22, or bull barrel works fine, Most people cut the barrel down as it sticks out a wee bit, I honestly couldn't recall if the rear sights interfere, I never had any on the rifle that I used to fit it to.

any issues using with the stock 10/22 barrel? also is the shroud long enough to cover the stock barrel with stock front sight?

I'll give that a go and see what happens. Thanks

Sounds like your filament is moist, chuck it in the oven at 40 degrees C for 3 hours, even new filament can be like that.

Otherwise I just print with a brim.

Sounds like your filament is moist, chuck it in the oven at 40 degrees C for 3 hours, even new filament can be like that.

Otherwise I just print with a brim.

What were your printer parameters. Did you use a raft or brim, I'm having a heck oh a time printing it on my Et4+. I've used both prusa slicer and cura and both have produced numerous rats nests. So the more fine tuned and dialed in I can get the better. My bed is leveled and I've ised both painters tape and glue sticks but for some reason I can't get a print to stick to the bed. I've printed other items on the printer with no issues. Any guidance would be appreciated.

On a cr10? Both, laying down, pointing corner to corner, or upright

One more question. Is that lengthwise or standing? Haha sorry for the questions but also thank you for the answers.

Thats fine, if you have a cr10 sized printer there is also the 1 piece one that will fit.

Was looking to do it in one piece.

1 and 2, there are 2 versions, one to fit on an ender 3 in 2 pieces

The top stock with handle attached is one piece?

all the parts can be printed on the ender 3, if that answers your question

What’s the largest piece measure out to? Trying to figure if I have a big enough printer.

With supports, definitely with supports

When printing this did you print with or without supports?

I don't have one yet. I don't want to purchase the wrong one is all.

The stock was designed around the standard reciever, the one that has a removable rail, and is NOT takedown. Which model do you have?

Can any 10/22 be used as long as it is not a takedown? Or is this modeled for a specific model rifle?

Standard receiver only sadly

I'm looking to buy a 10/22 for this specifically so I wanna know does it matter if I get the takedown or standard or are they the same?

Great thanks for getting back!

Though the 3d model shows a Ruger receiver in the exploded view, however, it is ONLY the shell and adaptor parts. There is no firearm part to this, just the shell :D So for what you are doing it is perfect

This looks very cool but it's unclear which parts you actually get in the download. I've wanted to build a vector for a 'The Division' project but I'm not sure if this is for the internal bits and pieces or whether it's the actual casing and the internals - I'd ideally just need the external (casing) parts so I could build a prop weapon but I can't tell from these images

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