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Dino Dick Classic V7 + V6 + Dino Dick Hollow Para LED

Calidad de creación: 4,0/5 (89 votos)
Evaluación de los miembros: imprimibilidad, utilidad, detalles, etc.
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  • 4,3k descargas

Descripción del modelo 3D

Impreso con ABS pero se puede imprimir con PLA , PETG o...

Este STL es sólo para uso personal.

Por favor, no lo copies ni lo redistribuyas.

La nueva versión 7 no necesita soportes

Incluye 3 modelos :

1) Dino Dick Classic V7 Soporta No

2) Dino Dick Classic V6 es compatible con Sí

3) Dino Dick Classic en el interior Hueco para LED

Parámetros de impresión 3D

Dino Dick Classic V7

Relleno 15%

Altura de la capa 0,15

Soporte No

Borde Sí

Tiempo 5h

Peso 42g

Dim 57mmx120mmx100mm

Hueco para LED

Relleno 15%

Altura de la capa 0,15

Soporte Sí

Balsa y borde Sí

Tiempo 8h

Peso 55g

Dim 57mmx120mmx100mm

Información sobre el 3D archive

  • Formato de diseño 3D: STL Detalles del fichero Cerrar
    • Dino_Dick_Hollow_v2.stl
    • Dino_Dick_V6.stl
    • Dino_Dick_V7.stl
  • Última actualización: 2021/09/26 23:49
  • Fecha de publicación: 2019/10/01 07:34





My designs are protected by copyrights laws. It is not authorized to distribute or sell any of my designs without prior written authorization from myself. Even if you modified my original design.
Thank you
Please contact me here 👇

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18 comentarios

the dino dick print very well .

  • 2 me gusta

Will this need support or nah?

  • 1 me gusta

Thank you dear friend.
Happy 3d printing 👍

  • 1 me gusta

Yes this is my design, I did it more than a year ago.
I don't know what is "ppl".
Unfortunately every body claim that is mine, many no Honest people copy it distribute it and use it without permission, this is not Fair, it cost only 4€, this mean paying around 0.5€ for each if you print 7, as I allow it, it is less than a price they pay for electricity or Filement.
But I was mentioning my Thanks to all the Honest people who buy it and respect the Licence Agreement.

Is this your design? I've information from ppl that claim you didn't. I'm a designer myself and know about the problems where ppl steal designs posting them as their own.

Shame on all Lier and Fraudsters 👍

You didn't model this. You have stolen the stl and just modify the balls sack. I know the guy who modeled it and he is definitely not you. Shame on you.

The model is not pre-supported, the support will be created by Slicer

Hello, I read that this was Pre-Supported? Is this not the case? After purchasing it is not pre-supported

So sorry about your judgment, this model is for fun and it's not a meme, yes it circulate on Net but I asked 4€ for printings 7 pieces, it means 50 cents for each, compared to electricity , Filement and other expenses, it is fair I suppose. I let it to your judgment to download it Freely or paying 4.5$, too much people sell printed version of it for more than $20, so paying 50 cents to me is not too much.
please have fun with it and don't be angry and insult someone who make you laugh with his creation ;-)

You're such an arse. Going around the internet copyright-striking every derivative work people have made from this. "Fuck-U-Saurus" (with a middle-finger hand in place of the tip), gone. Its further version, dick-fuck-u-saurus with the finger replaced by another dick (want to get meta?)... GONE. I bought this, but seeing every variant of this thing gone from everywhere on the internet makes me regret supporting you. Most people seem to do this stuff for fun, not for profit. Never even had to buy a 3D model before coming across this.

It's something fun, and it's a meme. You don't make memes expecting people to pay for them. You also don't go around Google Image Search to every site trying to copyright-strike every variant of the meme from every corner of the internet, hoping they'll pay your licensing fee and put food on the table.

Funny model, but honestly it's just going to be a reminder of the hardest time I ever had trying to find a model... just to find that the creator is an arse.

Thank for your message. 
Unfortunately some peoples don't respect honesty, I earn my living by selling my models, mostly about 4€, but they don't understand it.
It would be nice by you if you send me their link.
Thanks for your support.

The weird thing is, this is on almost all the stl sites for free. You might want to claim an infringement on them. Same name and everything.

I paid for this along with other prints but I did not get this one... It's no where to be found!

well, what support settings? im a newb :(

  • 1 me gusta

si os gusta esto os gustaran mis diseños tb jeje.

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