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Descripción del modelo 3D

¡Este es mi diseño de caja con resorte Print in place! ¡Sin soportes, sin ensamblaje, sólo imprimir y usar!

Véalo en acción aquí:

Véalo en acción aquí:

Véalo en acción aquí:

Todas las distancias son de 0.3mm o más, por lo que la mayoría de las impresoras 3d domésticas no deberían tener problemas para imprimirla. Sin embargo, si sospecha que podría necesitar un poco de afinación, ¡incluí una pieza de prueba para afinar su impresora!

Creé un Instructivo sobre este proyecto profundizando en los detalles de las opciones de diseño y los trucos que utilicé para hacerlo funcionar, puedes encontrarlo aquí:


¡Utiliza una capa de 0,2 mm de altura o más fina! (esto se debe a que el saliente está diseñado para ello)

La impresión debe colocarse de costado, como se muestra en el vídeo, durante la impresión. (engranajes hacia abajo)

Por favor, dejen sus preguntas y comentarios en el campo de comentarios, y haré lo posible por responderlos.

¡Todo lo que se parece es apreciado! 😊

Parámetros de impresión 3D

0.2mm Altura de la capa

¡No hay apoyo!

  • Formato de archivo 3D: STL
  • Última actualización: 2020/06/08 16:23
  • Fecha de publicación: 2020/05/21 15:48





Creating things for fun and entertainment!

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Tengan cuidado de subir sus diseños a CULTS, sin previo aviso les bloquea la cuenta, les roba sus STL y no dan respuestas. Lo peor de lo peor. 100% estafadores. Mi usuario es 3drovettas

Be careful uploading your designs to CULTS, without prior notice it locks your account, steals your STLs and does not give answers. The worst of the worse. 100% scammers. My user is 3drovettas

Tried it several times now (extruder calibrated, bed level, temps set for filament, tried different print settings). The result is now nearly perfect but I always fail to get it 100% perfect. The box is not springing open. It gets stuck after moving 2 or 3 mm. When closing I can feel a hard resistance on this spot but I am unable to make out where it gets stuck... I think it happens on the gear.

Printed on a Flashforce Adventurer 3, default settings, test and actual model printed and performed 100%, awesome job

GEEKDAD_3D, same problem here, I will sand too.

If you scale it down by 50% you also halve the tolerances so it would almost be like printing a solid object.

Can this be scaled down? I went down to 50% and it’s not turning.

Very nice!! Printed perfectly first try using PLA and 0.10 resolution on my PRUSA MK3 printer. No sag on the side using all the default configs with Prusa Slicer. Like how you used a double bevel gear set to contain the ring gear.

Thank you!
It works with PETG, but need some cleaning with a knife at bridges

My Voxel is having some issues with the test; the fourth layer is running now, yet it seems a little "iffy". It'd be nice to see some bigger gaps...

Sunshine, I tried teh test print you include with this box and the sunshine gear seems to be fused to the outer frame. I'm using Cura to slice with a layer hight of .15 and a wall thinkness of 1.2 mm wall line count of 3. Am I doing something wrong? The hings for the handle part on the test that moves the smaller gear works perfectly, it's just the larger "sunshine" gear that is getting fused to the frame. You can reach out to me on twitter @cjoptimus or my email

The box is awesome, printed a few out playing with temp. and all came out great, thanks for the stl. Printed in PLA from various vendors temps from 200-225.bed 50. has anyone tried wood PLA filament ? since it has sanding and staining capabilities i bet it would come out great if it holds up. the sag on the top i think is acceptable considering the print and all the contours that hold up nicely
.dropped you a donation today also.

Does this work well with PETG ?

I put support ):

Outstanding design and printed flawlessly, thank you!

I printed this out last night. Looks great but the top when closed just misses latching by less than half a mm and will not latch closed. Maybe I'll try sanding it a bit. Thanks

It's a neat idea, but that supportless roof is a giant mess.

This is a very cleverly worked out project, I've had a lot of fun printing and playing with it, very well thought out.


@bobrob Horizontal expansion shaves of that amount of millimeters from the walls, so if you have a cylinder ø10mm and you have HE -0.1, you will end up with a cylinder with ø9.8mm (it subtracts 0.1mm from both sides)

@cchambers11596 See the instructables link! its basically bridging smaller distances instead of all the way over

Hi Sunshine, I really like your design, I have a question though. How can the top section be printed with no supports and filament not sag?

I really like this design... I'm having a little problem printing it properly. I'm still fairly new to 3d printing and trying to understand all the required adjustments and calibrations. Current problem with this is one is the tips of the gear teeth are touching/stuck to the surrounding ring. It seems to be printing with not enough 'clearance' there. I think I have a reasonably calibrated extrusion rate -- and adjusting flow rate in Cura didn't seem to help. However, I'm printing now with a -0.5 mm (pretty big) Horizontal Expansion setting -- and it looks like that might be working.... I'm interested in other suggestions that I might try for this kind of spacing problem. I'm not entirely clear what this Horizontal expansion is doing, especially given that it is not a percentage, but is an absolute distance measurement.

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