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Unidad de propulsión de chorro de agua

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Este es mi nuevo diseño Water Jet. Tiene mejor soporte de rodamientos para el eje, suministro de refrigeración integrado, boquillas de engrase integradas, mejor flujo......

Se obtiene el STL de todas las piezas más el plano de las piezas mecanizadas, así como la vista despiezada y la lista de materiales.

  • Formato de modelo 3D : STL y ZIP



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The drawings units are in millimeters? Correct ?

Hello, it's possible to not use the steering? i don't want turn right or left, just lineal thrust

Please keep this discussion clear of the 56mm jet. Here is only 60mm!

Hi toto,
I'm finishing the printing of the 56mm parts.
I need the BOM so i can assemble and test.i will test right
Have some doughts about the pics you supplied.

The 56mm is ready, but not tested. We have deep winter, so it will take a while.

Hi toto,
How is it going with the 56mm unit?
Please upload it....want to buy.
Please answer.


I can not see any attachment. This was downloaded often, and nobody has these problems. I really do not understand what is wrong with your download

I have attached screenshots of details and drawing
they are different.
Where is the drawing version coinciding with the details?

Yes there is. You can even see in the preview pictures. It is in this data, and also in the free “upgrade parts”

I have drawing "assembly.PDF" only.
Please, lay out the current version

If you use the drawing "explo new" it is correct. I think you are mixing old exploded view with new parts. Did you download the "upgrade parts"?

The N29 steering nozzle is replaced with "nozzle new". Maybe you mixed up old BOM with new parts?

All the files are the latest one. If you download this here you do not need the upgrade parts. This was only for people who download first version.
In the past weeks I did more changes for even better thrust.

I will upload this next week.

I cann't find 3D model of part N29 "steering nozzle"

May you create new asssembly with all new parts?
And drawing for it

Hello, great! It's amazing !!! I gavé printing and testing 🤗🤗🤗

you can print as in the new picture I added.

never printed a design like a prop before, so i don´t know the settings.
did you used supports?
and the big hub platform issue also ?


hi Toto,
thanks for the quick response.
don´t know what you mean by big hub on the platform.


I printed the prop horizontal, big hub diameter on the build platform. 0,15mm 100% infill. I used ABS. Do not know if PLA is strong enough.

hello Toto,
just downloaded the files for 3d printing.
i´m buildind a surfboard with a jet drive.
after alot of searching, decided your unit is the best to use.
now, i want to print the propeller. Can you give me the right settings to print the propeller
vertically or horizontally?
supports? infill, etc.

my email


What part do you recommend using for No33?

Sorry yes. With the last changes something got mixed up. I uploaded new explo and BOM. Also to the free upgrade files.

ok, I think there is an error on the file: assembly

the No33 is marked:
33 radial seal 8mm

If you use bearing, you need sealing ring too. No33 is only a pin that goes trough the impeller, the impeller hub and shaft. The pin should be mounted with some glue to prevent coming out

the No33 is a roll, the link is not good :)
for the No25 why did not put a bearing?
I am eager to test;)

Great ! I printed everything, but I have the man shaft moving, I think I did not put the right bearings, so the propeller rubs.
Do you have an internet link to order the bearings:
Numbers: 15, 33, 25

Thank you

cool, you know the outflow?
I started to print :)

Leopard 5692 600KV, 12S battery and flycolor 150A ESC

wow !!! Great !!! what engine did you put?

I think people would buy even more your files, if you put a video running (for example)
we do not have the feeling that you have realized and tested it (without mechanics)

This is what you wrote!

a file that has never been tested, it misses a lot of information !!

So you started blaming me!

This is for makers not for 2 left handed people. ??!!

I did not start being impolite!

we expect a minimum of courtesy !!!

you are very nice !!!!!

I would not fail to report to the site!

This is not a kit! What do you expect for 14 €. This is for makers not for 2 left handed people.

All drawing are inside. So you can either make metal parts on your own or ask somebody to make them for you.

for example, or buy (because I can not find these items at all) :
* bearing distance
* radial seal 8mm
* impeller hub aluminum
* sleeve bearing bronze
* sleeve bearing holder

do you have photos and videos of your running?

Thank you

Why you say this? It running inside huge modelboat. What is missing please???

a file that has never been tested, it misses a lot of information !!

is it possible to put it on a surfboard?

sorry I do not understand french

vous marquez pour jetboard, efoil ... ce n'est pas du tout pour cela ... j'ai payé pour quelque chose qui n'est pas vrai alors ??

it can be used for several applications. I will use it in a small boat for my kid. Motor depends on the power you want to achive. The prop should spinn with something between 8-15k rpm.

is it planned to be installed on what? rc boat, surfboard, paddle?
Which engine is which brand?

Thank you

How much would this cost (roughly) if I had someone print and build it for me, minus the motor?

hi, could you make a small change to the diffusor with integrated cooling thanks? i wanna fit at 608rs (22x7) bearing in the center hole. thanks ( I already have this components)

thanks i found it. Tonight i made firts print but was a failure!
can you suggest best printer setting?
thanks. if you want you can also contact me by mail.

There is a zip file. I can sent to you by email if you want.

hi, i downloaded files. i can't find other file (plus exploded view and Bill of Material.)

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