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Ercoupe Golden Age Aircraft

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Descripción del modelo 3D

This is a free sample of my Golden Age Aircraft collection, if you want to contribute you can purchase the others models.

A scale model of the famous Ercoupe Aircraft of 1937 in 1:48 scale, I have printed the model in this scale and overall is an easy print.

You could also scale it up by 1.5 to get a 1/32 scale model, or by 2 to get a 1/24 scale model.

The model has a chamber between the cockpit and the enginepieces to place some weght to balance the tail to be avabable to stand on the landing gear the right way, you can use nuts and bolts as weight.

All the .stl files have been rotated for easy print.

  • Formato de archivo 3D: STL
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All my models are divided for easy printing on FDM machines.

Note: To get physical models of any of my digital model, contact me at for pricing, indicate scale

Hi, thank you very much for your interest in my models. I have done Architectural Visualizations for almost 10 years now, recently I have been messing around with 3d Printing and photo modeling. My main goal is to design quality scale models that are easy to print.

My models have been modeled carefully, always thinking about fidelity to reality and making the most of the capabilities of FDM 3D printing.
If you want to obtain a model that is not in my store, you can also contact me to quote its development, I am sure I can help you. Contact me at

To see my recent works or follow my work you can follow me on my Instagram @ guaro3d and visit my web (under construction).




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Hi, nice to know you got a 3d printer. I hope you can make a cool model of your own plane. Well I have printed most of my models using ABS since is really nice to sand and easy to get a almost perfect surface finish. For glue I have use cyanoacrylate (Crazy glue, CA), it works really really well with ABS, it produces really strong bond, give it a try! The only down side of using cyanocyrale is that is really thin and a bit messy to work with (it can easily glue your finger together and such) so try to use a fine tip applicator. I really would not recommend PLA for this model and this scale, but this guy did a extremely great work with the model using PLA:

Greetings, I hope you can share your make.

Okay, got me a 3D printer. What are you printing with? I printed it with ABS, then I realized you can't really glue ABS together without using something like acetone; not my idea of fun.

Do I need to get some PLA? If so what are you using to glue it together?

Yeah is just one piece of each. Nice, I am a big fan of that aircraft, wish some day I be able to fight in one. Greetings, let me know what you think of the model

Do I just have one of each part printed? Or does it need more than one of some? This would look nice in my Hangar next to my Ercoupe.

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