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Colección Low Poly Animal

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Colección Low Poly Animals que incluye 05 modelos: bajo poli león, bajo poli elefante, bajo poli toro, bajo poli sable de dientes de tigre y bajo poli mamut. modelos diseñados para la impresión en 3D con todos los controles de capacidad de impresión en 3D, las imágenes muestran impresiones reales en 3D de los modelos.

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  • Formato de modelo 3D : STL



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FORMBYTE is a design team. We use 3d printing to bring our designs to the world.



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Hi there,

I need some of your designs for my cufflinks brand. Please contact me -
I will pay you for your work.


This was the first time I payed for a .stl file and was I dissappointed immediately.
First of all the design is really beautiful, great job done by the designer!
However the mammoth is not a solid volume. Instead it is a hollow structure with thin walls and an entry hole into the body through the nostril of the mammoth.
This makes the part extremely hard to print even with bunch of support structure in the belly of the animal. The walls are at some points only 3-4 lines thick with 0.4mm line thickness (of course 100% infill). This means that essentially it's only possible to have 1 line for inner and 1 line for outer wall. As a consequence the walls are just not looking smooth and the tail of the animal breaks off super easily.
Even harder to print the part at smaller sizes.
I really think it's a shame for this beautiful design because it could be printed so much more beautifully if only the body was a solid object.
It may be useful for stereolithography printers because the thin walls use up less resin and the liquid resin in the inner can be poured out through the nostril after printing.

Hopefully the designer will update a new version of the file that fixes this problem.