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Modelos 3D Erius, endboss
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Descripción del modelo 3D

Erius was inspired from all the RPG games I've played in the past. As for his design I would say he's part Link (Zelda), Mickey Mouse, and a cute elf.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

The model was sculpted in ZBrush. It stands roughly 3.5 inches high (8.3 cm). I didn't hollow him out so it's a very sturdy model.

I do have a painted version that was printed out for myself but unfortunately that is not available. That process requires a texture and special material. Feel free to paint him yourself!

  • Formato de modelo 3D : STL



Video game artist by day, Toy maker at night.



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Why there is no texture? What if I want print it in full color sand stone

He's both cute and agressive!