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G1 Constructicons Bonecrusher

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Descripción del modelo 3D

Transformers G1 Constructicons Devastator Bonecrusher




figura alta 16.5cm

obra maestra al 125% de redimensionamiento

manual de instrucciones en el archivo zip

El montaje requiere clips y cúter

Las juntas pueden estar sueltas

Diseñado por Tim Yeung

Parámetros de impresión 3D

impresión con soporte y balsa

  • Formato de archivo 3D: ZIP
  • Última actualización: 2021/02/02 02:41
  • Fecha de publicación: 2020/05/08 23:31





I’m a fan of Transformers G1 MP 3D printing diy maker

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On Bonecrusher parts, A22 and A25 are missing the paperclip holes for parts A32 and A35

no changes on the hook

Wait hook looks new, did you changed the model?

when printing leg ball joints @ 125% increase half the amount 126% -125% = about .5mm much tighter and better

Arm ball joints 126% - 125% divide by 3. the small increase makes joints tighter and hold pose much better no need for glue as the glue just doesn't do it.

this works for all models


For the legends scale it's %63

for the picture with the newage crew, how was it rescaled? 70%?

To see updates, check out the updated photos on Hook's page. I was mortified with the first update pic but the 2nd one made me feel much better. I do wish people would post their builds.

Creator followed up! Thanks!

No Updates on Finished Accessories for people who already purchased your product?

Great work, but is there a picture of the full Devastator any where?

neon green is good,
no dark green (2kg buy 2)

I’m finally ready to start working on this. These are the filaments I looked at. I want to get as close as I can to the original color.

Makerbot 375-0053A Green (Tim’s suggestion)
AIO Bright Green (Dark)
eSun Peak Green (Dark)
Atomic Filament NeonGreenTranslucent (Dark)
Matterhackers Lime Green (Dull)
ColorFabb Intense Green (Slightly Darker)
Mika3D Silk Lime Green (Too light)
Push Plastic Green (Too dark)
Makeshaper Neon Green (Too Dark)
Toner Plastics Kryptonite Green (Slightly Darker)
Filament Innovations Neon Green (Very Close)
Toner Plastics Neon Green (Closest)

Legs part updated on 6/22/2020

Buddyleeee, I'm going to use 3d Solutech's apple green filament for the green parts, and then I think I will try spray painting the purple parts. I haven't decided yet if I want to go with a straight purple or a lighter, lilac shade.

I would commit to the insecticons too if you decided to make them. Super long shot but would ever consider Huffer? For this project, I’m still looking for the perfect color match. I’ve got it down to two vs. fifteen initially.

I guess I'll have to! You've got a likely buyer if you ever decide to do them.

Wait a long time

I am begging you, do the Insecticons next. Hasbro hasn't given us a good set yet, and they're such important and pivotal characters.

heyo:) just printed this figure. and for some reason the lower thighs when you slice them the knees just poof get deleted while slicing. so its just the thigh with a silky smooth bottom and no way to connect the lower leg.

Looking forward to completion

PLA 1.75 mm 1kg multiple color Makerbot RepRap.
shop on Ebay

I mean what brand. These are pretty specific colors.

PLA filament

Hi Tim, can you tell me which filaments these are? These colors are spot on.

summer 2020

what is your approximate time frame for the last two figures?

about 18 inch. pose-able figures

How big do you estimate devastator to be and is it going to have joints or be static like g1? these figures look amazing, so I cant wait to see how the next piece will turn out

good idea. but i have to finish the devastator first

Good work,next G1 Dinobots maybe??! :)

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