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Steve From Minecraft (Player Model)

Descripción del modelo 3D

A entirely printable steve model with face and pickaxe.

It uses 1.75mm filament to attach the arms to the body.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

Print the parts. Attach both arms to the body with a continuous filament piece (1.75mm). The holes might need some drilling to be of the correct size.

To stop them from sliding out use a soldering iron to flatten the ends of the filament so it is stopped from slipping out of the arms.
This can be done providing a fixed and a loose connection.

For the fixed connection flatten the ends of the filament on both outsides of the arms. This fixes the arms rotation in relation to each other, but they can still rotate together. Also it can be sanded to give a smooth finish.
For a loose connection push one end of the filament agains to soldering iron to flatten it. Then put it through the arms and the body and attach the other end to the outside of the second arm. That way the arms can rotate individually but on one arm there will be some filament sticking out..

I recommend using a fixed connection. Angle one of the arms back a bit to counteract the pickaxe weight (like in the picture). Otherwise it will tip over..

After or before assembly you can color all the parts as you like.





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