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Smitten the Mitten

Descripción del modelo 3D

Meet Smitten, he's a blue mitten. No one wants to play with smitten unless it's below freezing. Most people don't agree with Smitten about winter being the best time of year, but I sure do. Three quarters of the year no one wants anything to do with Smitten, but when the flurries fly and your grass has frost on it in the morning, then everyone wants to be best friends with Smitten.
Smitten is sad and blue from all this part time friendship and could use a loyal friend like yourself to print him out and give a home on your desk. He'd much rather be on your desk or bookshelf then in a dry storage tub for three quarters of the year.

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Parámetros de impresión 3D

Print with raft, no support needed. Smitten was printed with 10% infill and a raft. Once printed all that is needed for clean up is an sharp edge to remove the stringies.
We also used a paint marker just to color the centers of the eyes black.





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