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Simple Animals 15 - Kungfu Panda

Descripción del modelo 3D

Introduce our new friends.
Panda, Red panda, Galapagos tortoise, Mantis, Monkey, Snake, Tiger and Crane
are our friends.

These animals are famous as the movie of Kung Fu panda. I love this movie series.
There are two files of mantis. When you print out the mantis considers the size.
One is too small.
Just paly with a toy of Happy meal:

I am waiting for the fourth episode of Kung Fu panda :)

Come to my page to show other works:

Simple animals were designed using only lines.
These animals can quickly print out with less material.
And it's so cute :)


Hello. I am a free-designer and maker in Korea. I love to generate ideas and make something with 3D printer. Now, I am exploring 3D print world.
If you ask something to me, please send e-mail. /




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