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Simple animals 14 - Sea

Descripción del modelo 3D

Introduce our new friends.
Crab, Elephant seal, Sea turtle, Dolphin and Whale are our friends.

When my trip of Jeju Island was determined, I wanted to take a picture with something special.
So I designed new simple animals for sea, and took the picture on the beach.

Is there anyone who go to beach with these animals?
I am waiting for your great photos :)

Come to my page to show other works :

Simple animals were designed using only lines.
These animals can quickly print out with less material.
And it's so cute :)

If you want to meet diverse simple animals, try to visit below rinks.

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Hello. I am a free-designer and maker in Korea. I love to generate ideas and make something with 3D printer. Now, I am exploring 3D print world.
If you ask something to me, please send e-mail. /




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