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Q3D 220 FPV Racing Frame

Descripción del modelo 3D

The Q3D 220 is an FPV Racing frame designed for the 5" prop class with 3D printing in mind.

Features include:

X arm design with top mounting lipo capability provides excellent center of gravity.
SMA and battery lead mounting holes.
Access to vtx for easy swapping of channels.
Zip-tie holes for easy mounting of esc's.
It can be built in a couple different configurations with a 22mm internal cavity or a 30mm internal cavity.

Hardware required to complete frame 22mm version:
16 x M3 x 30mm bolts
16 x M3 Lock Nuts

Hardware required to complete frame 30mm version:
16 x M3 x 40mm bolts
16 x M3 Lock Nuts

It can be printed with almost any material but ABS is highly recommend.

Flight video of first prototype and maiden flight:

Share pictures of your build on social media with the hashtag #Q3D220

I am releasing these files specifically for people interested in this hobby who want to build their first FPV racing drone. I know carbon fiber is a far superior material for racing but this is a fun build that can be put together very cheaply and will fly just as well. #GrowTheHobby





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