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Pocket-Tactics: War of the Sundered Realms (Tile Preview)

Descripción del modelo 3D

A new (and much enhanced) edition of Pocket-Tactics is on the way, and as we gear up for a Kickstarter campaign (along with our usual open-scource releases, don't worry there) I thought we'd release some of the 3D printable tiles. The walls and pillars fit into the tiles once they've been arranged, which ensures that you can still shuffle them and build your map in random configurations. We'll have way, way more soon, but for now, get a head start on your tile situation! These are obviously useful for lots of other games (25mm/1" square grid tiles are handy that way).

I included a zip file of dual-extrusion prints. These are really good if you want the brickwork on the tiles to pop, and I plan on doing some variations with the walls as well.

We've set up a Patreon page for anyone who's interested to help fund us so we can keep making free and open sourced games like Pocket-Tactics, Wayfarer Tactics. and others, not to mention the growing catalog of gaming miniatures that you can use for whatever you want! (Psst... we take requests and commissions...)






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