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Picklomancer, the Pickle Necromancer

Descripción del modelo 3D

After a cucumber of unusual origins succumbs to the briny deep, he re-awakes as Picklomancer. Now endowed with magical powers, he is able to raise vegetables and fruits from the beyond the sell by date. Speaking in tongues and playing haunting melodies from his piccolo, he casts spells over various compost piles and grocery store dumpsters. Picklomancer summons his army of rotten produce to do his bidding. For good or evil, no one knows. What kind of evil or damage could a bunch of rotten produce do anyways?

A cool bonus feature of Pickomancer is he can also be a night light. Just download a flashlight app for your phone and as it charges, put Picklomancer over the light on the phone. He emanates a soft green glow from his head to ward off the baddies as you sleep.

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Parámetros de impresión 3D

Picklomancer prints with no supports, his hat is a separate piece that is a part of the same print. We like the look of his hat tilted back, so we recommend coloring the eyes in with a black paint marker, then apply a drop of super glue on top of each eye ball, and put his hat on the way you like.





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