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OpenRC 1:10 4WD Touring Concept RC Car

Descripción del modelo 3D

This i were it started, here´s my first go at creating a printable rc car which later resulted in the OpenRC Truggy car.

I learned a lot from this car and so it´s a little bit different. It´s has belt drive and is built on a aluminum plate so it´s not as "printable" as it´s successor (

If you like build one of your own, the belts are from an Xray car (don´t remember the model) and bought at, driveshafts are from

If somebody would like to build one let me know and i will post some more info!

Here´s a short testdrive video:

As always questions and answers to be found here:



Swedish CadCam addict hooked on 3D printing.
3D Printing evangelist and Open Source advocate.
Author of The OpenR/C Project and The OpenRailway Project.




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