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Luke Yost

Descripción del modelo 3D

Well, we all knew the day had to come... That day where we have to say goodbye to good our summer help, and let him spread his wings at college. We are going to miss Luke but now we can always remember him with the Luke Yost print! Sure the print won't give me slicing advice, or get the daily print done while I go surfing but it's nice to remember what that was like.
There is some great news on the other hand. Now our faithful fans and followers can print out their own Luke Yost 3D print prodigy. Print him out and you can put him next to your 3D printer to keep an eye on things while you go surfing.
Fair warning to all 3D printers, this is a non functioning Yost. Although he will supervise your prints, he won't do anything if something goes wrong. He's plastic, not a human.

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Parámetros de impresión 3D

This Yost requires very little cleaning. He will print with minimal support, that can be broken away by hand. Just like a real intern he also requires no food or sleep.





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