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Iggy Broc

Descripción del modelo 3D

Well, I came into the office today to be greeted by a mystery print sitting on the build plate. Perhaps creating this Picklomancer character wasn't such a good idea. I went to the kitchen to make my mid day coffee and to my surprise there seemed to be a band forming in the fridge. I grabbed the cream for my coffee thinking this must be in my head. I went to put the cream away and it turns out, I wasn't seeing things. The rotten broccoli print had relocated himself to the fridge to hang out with Eggy Rotten. I murmured to myself, "How the heck did this broccoli print get in here?!". Only to have an answer spit right back at me. "Hey junk bag! The name is Iggy Broc!"

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Parámetros de impresión 3D

Iggy Broc was sliced in ReplicatorG with no supports... so Picklomancer tells me. He recommends a raft to keep the print stable. Picklomancer then colored in the X's in the eyes with a fine paint brush and acrylic paint.





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