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Huarong Dao Set

Descripción del modelo 3D

I modeled a Huarong Dao Set with the original Chinese characters engraved.

Huarong Dao is the chinese name for Klotski: This is a traditional, well-known solitaire game, which turns out quite challenging. Follow the link and you'll get all the information regarding how it is played and what the goal is.

I do not own any set, so I worked with the photograph available in:

I tried a few automated vectorizations, but I was not completely satisfied with the results, so in the end I hand-made them (with some effort)!

There are 8 models. One is the board, the other seven are the different pieces involved. You need to print 4 copies of the small squared pieces, just one copy for the rest.

If we take the side of the small piece to be 1 unit, all pieces have 0.02 in each side. That is, they are designed so that there is a small gap that helps sliding them along each other.

I know nothing about chinese writing. Those in the pieces were made using the font here: I hope they are correctly made and used.

Some Blender renders are included.



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