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Descripción del modelo 3D

This is a fox! We made him for our friends at . Fox was made with some wonderful and very affordable filament from FoxSmart. We think he will be a great print for anyone who enjoys foxes as much as we do (some live by our office), or the people at FoxSmart! Does your kid like foxes? Print them out a fox! Do you like foxes? Print yourself a fox!

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Parámetros de impresión 3D

For single extruders:

Use the fox1pc.stl file, no supports are needed. We used a raft, 2 shells and 10% infill.

For dual extrusion:

Use the Fox_Body2.stl and Fox_Parts_2.stl files. We used Replicator G to merge the files. It was printed with PLA at 10% infill with no supports and 2 shells. 210 degrees C prevents excess oozing and stringers pretty well. We made a multi colored piece of filament with our Parfait Technology for the Fox_Parts_2.stl file to get the black and white color changes. You can use just white and color in the black with a marker, or you can manually change colors at the correct time.





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