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Achisia, Oathbound Gargoyle Outlaw

Descripción del modelo 3D

"After a reign of terror, the obsidian-born gargoyle, Achisia, was bound to a magical amulet and enslaved to the high temple of Sceptia, the Celestial goddess of judgement. With the amulet in the possession of her priests, he is compelled to act in their interest, though still he schemes, waiting for an opportunity to free himself from servitude and take revenge on his captors."
Achisia is scaled for Heroic Scale (28mm) gaming, and is a character for an RPG we'll be Kickstarting in the near, near future. This is a Shapeways print, though those of you who can print with support on newer machines or have your own resin printers should be able use this file. Concept art by Cameron Croft ( Enjoy!





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