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Un cuerpo muy desaliñado

Calidad de make: 5,0/5 (2 votos)
Evaluación de los miembros sobre la calidad de la impresión 3D, post-procesamiento, foto, etc.
Modelo 3D

Descripción del Make

Amazing idea and amazing model. But assembling it was quite a challenge. The modeller wasn’t lying about the need for putty. If your printer is large enough, print in one piece by using the blender file (I really appreciate it that it is included!).

That being said, once I got the body build and added the Great Unclean One bits of Rotigus (again, will need lots of putty as the bits will not sit flush!), I am amazed by it. I actually like it more than the “official” pose and it adds quite a bit of variety.

Impresora 3D

Anycubic Photon Mono
  • Resolución: 0,05 mm
  • Soporte: Si

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