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¿Usted imprimió 3D este modelo?

Modelo 3D

Descripción del Make

Lovely pig, ideal for a kid #BCN3DCULTS

Impresora 3D

Anet A8


PLA Leon3D
  • Raft : No
  • Resolución : 0,2 mm
  • Temperatura : 200 °C
  • Soporte : No
  • Relleno : 25 %
  • Velocidad : 60 mm/s

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Desde tu club de fans de anet A8 , te queremos a ti y al cerdo :*

Yeah, the tail is a bit difficult to print. I printed a couple of tails at the same time to slow down the printer and had a large brim as well. The figure demanded a curly tail and I made sure the angle of the curves stayed under 60degrees so no supports were needed.

No. The body is not even glued. With the blobs inside it, it ends PERFECT. The tail was a bit of a pain, but the black filament is not that good.

Thanks for posting, very nice job printing. Did you need any post processing on the seam around the body?