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Soporte de cámara Pi - Universal - Ajuste a presión

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I made this to fit on the front of my AnyCubic Kobra Max. I have been looking for just the right one and this was nearly perfect. Because the bed is so large I had to place it in the front in order to see the whole printing process.

I had to print a 4 arms, one arm I modified to have holes in both ends. Printed the Pi camera assembly and one of the angle files. Used 5 nuts total including one modified one. Since I mounted it from the bottom I made a nut flush, without the wing attached, so that it would fit within the frame gap. I also had to make a bolt by using the same screw pattern and extending it and connecting it to one of the nuts from the file.

This was all to get the proper angle for the camera and be able to mount it on the bottom of the AnyCubic Kobra Max frame. Also, I zip tied the Pi Camera ribbon cable to the framework and also zip tied the excess. I will probably get a cable cover to dress it up a but and make it safer.

Over all pretty sturdy and works fantastic! It took about 10 hours to make, this includes my editing work.

  • Raft: No
  • Temperatura: 210 ℃
  • Soporte: Si
  • Relleno: 30 %
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