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Esqueleto T-rex de bebé de tamaño natural - Parte 01/10

Descargar diseños 3D Esqueleto T-rex de bebé de tamaño natural - Parte 01/10, Printer414

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Modelo 3D

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Great set of files, very highly detailed. They take a long time to print, but assembly is easy and the completed skull looks amazing in hand. Started on part two today.
Painted with Acrylics to give it an aged fossil look.
I opted to leave the gaps open where the joins are, rather than putty them up. I like the look of the fossil re-assembled from fragments, and the way the files are split for printing suits this look.

Impresora 3D

Prusa i3 MK3


Prusament PLA
  • Raft : No
  • Resolución : 0,15 mm
  • Soporte : Si
  • Relleno : 5 %

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Hello, thanks for the detailed reply.

I'm using MeshMixer analysis to check the best (less supports) orientation of the pieces. For some pieces I just position them based on my experience. Of course I'm using supports. I also have to say that the model is not perfect and sometimes I need to use 3D Builder to fix mesh errors.

Do you painted every piece and then assembled the skull, or you just glued all togheter and then painted the full skull?

Thank you!

Thanks Adriano. There's really no way around using lots of supports, I use Slic3r and just have "supports everywhere" enabled and I just try to orient the pieces to minimise the amount of supports needed. Often either the male or female connectors are on the build plate, or just one or two tiny tips of a piece. I tried to print with the longest section pointing upwards whenever possible, and double checked in the slicer that there are enough supports to prop up the piece on prints that are just resting on one or two small points.

I only had one piece out of the 14 that had print issues, which was the first one (the mandible). Not enough supports to hold the piece steady (it was resting on the very rear tips of the mandible, standing upright). I switched on "supports everywhere" instead of just "support on build plate" and I never had issues after that.

Nice print! Can you give me some tips on how you oriented the skull pieces on the buildplate of the printer? Thank you!