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Esqueleto T-rex de bebé de tamaño natural - Parte 01/10

Descargar diseños 3D Esqueleto T-rex de bebé de tamaño natural - Parte 01/10, kenducula

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Modelo 3D

Descripción del Make

Used Cura - with an Ultimaker.
Followed instructions on layer height, infill etc.

Experience - so, this was a LONG print and I had a lot of fun with all the supports and sanding. Also had quite a bit of trouble with putting it all together - probably because I was using the cheapest of the cheap filament. Things didn't quite meet or fit - but nothing some modelling putty, burning with a lighter and a coat of resin couldn't fix.
Ultimately, I'm actually very happy with the result.
Blasted it black and liked it - but it disappears on my shelf so i will have to repaint it.
Not sure whether I'll go on to print the body or not - but highly recommend giving it a go!

Impresora 3D

  • Raft : Si
  • Soporte : Si

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