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Hex Core (Arcane)

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I commissioned someone to print this for me so unfortunately do not have the settings used for printing. Model used was the option for the tubes structure base allowing for LEDs to be fitted inside. I had the structure printed in 2 halves (see tube/centre image where red lines indicate join).

Painted with a grey primer base, silver metallic grey spray paint, then hand painted the gold edges with an enamel paint for models.

If you plan on using LEDs, you must make a hole for the wires to come out of somewhere. I chose to drill a 50mm hole in the tube structure in the base (see "tube centre" image where red dot indicates hole drilled at apex of join).

18 Blue 3mm LEDs are used to light up the hex core (there are 18 pyramid sections, light cannot get through the smaller triangle sections they are blocked off). It is powered by a 9V battery (battery holder has a switch so I can turn hex core off and on) and I've wired them in parallel 2 LEDs per row + 150 ohm resistor. I used 9 resistors (all 150 ohms). Multiple heatshrink tubes are used over joins to keep wires from touching.

I've attached the circuit I went with but this website can help you calculate what you need if you change battery voltage/led colour/etc. :
Example info I put in:
Number of LEDs: 18 LEDs
Supply Voltage: 9V Battery
LED forward voltage drop: 3V (blue LEDs use 3V, change if you use diff colour LEDs)
LED forward current: 20mAh

Wiring is tricky due to the limited space inside the hex core, you MUST keep those wires short as possible so you can actually close the two halves of the hexcore afterwards!
If anyone wants more details breakdown diagrams or how the wires looked inside the hexcore let me know and I'll draw up some diagrams to clear things up.

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