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Torre de Gauss (28mm)

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First of, thank you for the great design! A really nice and accurate Proxy. It will stand proudly in the shelf, maybe even on a tabletop for apoc games. :)
Printing went very good, no missprints. I didnt use the middle lock, where the rotation joint is, instead I fielded several 20mm magnets. With a little filing everything went smooth. The hardest part was the big ring and the clamps which hold the gun ring. But filing the outer rail down was very easy and made smooth gliding of the gun possible. In some cases even so smooth that it will just slide back into the bottom position! ;D
Painted mostly with citadel paints, drybrushed. Finished with a satin clearcoat, which increases the smoothness of the rail and secures the paint so it wouldn
t get worn off so easily. The crystal and beams were printed with transparent resin, filed smooth and finished with a gloss clearcoat to enhance shine.
Prining took about 9 Days.
Hope you enjoy ;)

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