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Modelo 3D

Descripción del Make

Sliced with ChopChop3D Slicer Beta
Scaled to Height 140mm
Despite the worn Z axis on the printer, it came out great. I love this filament, it is a milky blue/gray not too shiny as regular PLA, not mat either.
Possible improvement is to slice the visage at a different layer height: 0.15 or 0.1mm to improve details and help with overhangs

Slicer Parameters:
0.6mm Nozzle/Extrusion Width
0.2mm Layer Height
40mm/s except external perimeter at 20mm/s (important for quality of overhangs)
10% Infill
2 Perimeters/Insets
4 Top/Bottom Layers
Supports as specified by the author
Print Time: 12h12m
Lot of cooling needed for overhangs, it was printed at 30C ambient temperature

  • Raft : No
  • Resolución : 0,2 mm
  • Temperatura : 210 °C
  • Soporte : Si
  • Relleno : 10 %
  • Velocidad : 40 mm/s

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Thank you for the model. It is pretty nice, the filament pops up the sculpted details

That looks awesome and nice choice for the filament.