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perseguidor de criptas mecha totalmente personalizable de tipo egipcio-terminador

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Just as creepy to print and build, as it looks...this is just too flimsy to use it on the tabletop(I used the thinner legs)...but on the other hand just too beautiful. It is hard to imagine the complex bodystucture until one has assembled it. Nevertheless, here it is. I don't know how to paint it yet, at least not with drybrushing. I will probalby have to resort to airbrushing it. Will update as soon as I have it finished :)
Again, thanks to the creator for this awesome mini!

Impresora 3D

Elegoo Mars Pro

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That would be great! I would love to print another one :)
As far as I know, you updated the legs already, but I decided to print it with the thin legs just to see it like this :)

Hi Zwifel, after seeing this post I want you to know that I'll work on a different set of legs which should be more in line with the FW model and feature more support in the joints of every section of the leg