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Fingerprint ring Wedding ring With Love

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Modelo 3D

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Let me preface this by saying I had lost my wedding ring a little while back, and instead of buying a new less meaningful ring I used this model Resized in magics added support structure, sliced with rptools and printed on EOS M280 in in718, 40 micron layers( wondered how much better 20 microns would be!) had thought about titanium but thought titanium would be to light and in718 though tough to finish i know will polish up nice! Oh yes and i also made one for the wife, she absolutely loves! thank you for a wonderful file! I have attached some photos haven’t had a chance to polish yet but very happy with the way they came out and sure they will look outstanding after polishing! Maybe I’ll run one in 20 and let you know how it turns out! Oh and temp was @ 80c for some reason it wants a value of at least 100c assuming for plastic! Screw plastics lol I’m a metals guy!

Impresora 3D

Eos m280


  • Raft: Si
  • Soporte: Si
  • Velocidad: 80 mm/s

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