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Rifles de Elíseo: Paquete de refuerzo #2

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Printed to use in Warhammer 40k as Elysian Drop Troops. Amazing models absolutely love them. Had to rescale to 105% in Chitubox to match the 40K scale but perfect aside from that!

Now to print an army of them!

  • Resolución: 0,02 mm

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Cheers for letting me know. Think I’ll try again. Seems certain versions of Chitu can cause scaling issues as well 🙄

I'm pretty sure I did use the pre-supported ones yes. I've played around a fair bit with scaling for these and doing them at 105% is best from what I have found, I think 110% is a little big for my liking.

Hey mate, did you print the pre-supported files? I did a test at 105% last week and came out still quite small.