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Dragon Shell | Lámpara de mesa, colgante, de pared y de suelo

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Modelo 3D

Descripción del Make

This wooden filament is blend of PLA and PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoate) an biodegradable polymer produced by bacterial fermentation of sugar or lipids + 30% fine pinewood fibers. Amazing mixture of ingredients balances strength, elongation and transparency making it the ideal choice for light shades which appearance is fabulous and smell like a woodshop!

Impresora 3D

Ultimaker Extended


Colorfabb Woodfill
  • Raft : Si
  • Resolución : 0,15 mm
  • Temperatura : 210 °C
  • Soporte : No
  • Relleno : 0 %
  • Velocidad : 60 mm/s

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