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Calvin and Hobbes

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Modelo 3D

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Impresora 3D

Wanhao Duplicator 9


  • Raft: No
  • Resolución: 0,2 mm
  • Temperatura: 190 °C
  • Soporte: Si
  • Relleno: 10 %
  • Velocidad: 50 mm/s

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Calvin's hair is PLA. Only PETG used in this model is the trousers of Calvin. Was the only black I had..

That's odd about Calvin's hair. Hobbes definitely needed some supports but Calvin shouldn't have. I guess that there are so many variations of printer, filaments and print settings that everyone's experience will be different.

I appreciate the feedback and will take this into consideration on my future models.

One question, did you use PETG or PLA on Calvin's hair?

FYI-I use a max overhang angle of 60% for my supports needed or not determination.


I needed supports on the head of Hobbes and the hair of Calvin.. Tried several times without but then they failed. Even with the supports it went not as smoothed as I wanted...

Great job on this model!

I see you listed supports required. Did you only need the small supports for the one piece or did you need more than that?

Thank you for posting your make!