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¿Usted imprimió 3D este modelo?

Modelo 3D

Descripción del Make

Took 9.5 hours using FlashPrint (came with my 3d printer, model did not need editing).

Impresora 3D

  • Raft : No
  • Resolución : 0,08 mm
  • Temperatura : 220 °C
  • Soporte : No
  • Relleno : 15 %
  • Velocidad : 50 mm/s

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What came with my printer? That's an odd question, and I don't really remember. A spool of white PLA. A few tools, I think... A test print called a "holder" that made something that looked like the Japanese character for person. Their tech support didn't seem to know what it was supposed to hold either. Also, some proprietary software that sends the files to the box.

The printer is a FlashForge Finder. The print area is small, but this is my first working 3d printer (I bought a da Vinci first, but it was broken out of the box and their tech support sucked). The Finder prints stuff reliably, and the software is easy to use and can import generic files.