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Mini juego de PINBALL (totalmente impreso en 3D)

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Modelo 3D

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This worked generally well. We enjoy playing with the toys and that's what counts. The bridging had a little difficulty and a few of those parts broke.

I had trouble with getting the balls to stick to the bed for printing so I ultimately used supports with a "max overhang angle" of 10 degrees. I printed two balls at a time.

I used 0.25 mm (pinball) and 0.1 mm (balls) layer heights as recommended.

No raft and no supports on pinball. I realized quickly that the model already has a little support included for the end of the flicker.

Fun model! Thanks for sharing one to try for free :-).

Impresora 3D

MakerGear M3-ID Rev. 1

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