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Powerwasp Z endstop

Descripción del modelo 3D

This is an upgrade to PowerWasp 3D printer Z endstop. It allows you to mechanically set higher distances between the nozzle and the printing bed in order to put supports of different thicknesses on the platform such as 3mm or more MDF, glass or nylon sheets, which can be very useful in many situations.
To realize the upgrade you need:

2 self tapping screws (3mm diamx15mm length)
4 M4 hexagon nuts
3 M4 washers
2 M3x30 screws
2 M4 self-locking nuts
You need to disassembly the external wooden panel of the right tower and the back panel of the horizontal x axis crossbar to mount the components.
Move the z endstop switch from the inside of the machine to the outside, mounting it with the z spacer. Make two 2mm holes on the front panel to connect the L component to the x axis crossbar. Mount the L component in order to let the hexagon nuts correctly click the z endstop switch. Enjoy!


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