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Pedestal Shelf for Pegboards

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Manhattan Pegboard Collection for 3D Printers
Get organized! The Manhattan Pegboard Collection for 3D Printers is a group of modern, customizable parts that allow you to generate bins, mounts, holders and even shelves for nearly every object that you may want to have neatly hung on a pegboard.

As a NYC native, I never had ‘extra space’ in my home. So when I purchased an Ultimaker 2 3D Printer ten months ago, I knew that I wanted to use it to improve my life. By mounting modular pegboards strategically throughout my home, I have been able to create custom mounts for all of the little things in life and place them exactly where they need to be. I now manage to keep ‘everything in its place’ because everything has a place to go!

Parts in the Collection

• Customizable Holder (2-Peg) for Pegboards
• Customizable Holder (4-Peg) for Pegboards
• Customizable Rounded Holder for Pegboards
• Pedestal Shelf for Pegboards
• USB Cable Holder (6 Cables) for Pegboard

You can view all of the custom parts that I have designed for my home here, or you can start printing your own today!

Pedestal Shelf for Pegboards
This customizable shelf has four pegs on two rows on the rear and will create a solid shelf of your desired size. Use it to showcase your collection of holiday souvenirs, hold some books or just provide an extra ledge to put things on.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

Supports: Yes

Depending on a variety of factors your print results may vary! Some of my prints slide into the pegboard peg holes without issue, and sometimes it requires a bit of extra force. If you find that the pegs are not printing well, make sure your support structures are adequately supporting most or all of the entire peg (depending on your settings).

I print my pegboard pieces using an Ultimaker 2 with an Olsson Block running a 1mm nozzle. The prints in the included photos were printed using Verbatim PLA in White. With this setup I can print durable pegboard parts at a 0.5mm layer height and 2mm walls with reasonable speed.





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