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Case for RADDS LCD/SD-Display

Descripción del modelo 3D

This is a case for the RADDS LCD/SD-Display with Reset- and Back-Button

I tried to design a slim enclosure again using a channel outside between the top and bottom part to let the case apear more flat - and, to cover possible impressisions ;-).
I recommend to print the parts in different colors.
This time I didn't add spacers because the space between the boards often is slightly different, so it doesn't make much sense to use them. Just tighten the board softly onto the bottom case with two screws M3 x 16 mm and one M3 x 10 mm.
To fasten the top part to the bottom part use four screws M3 x 12 mm.
The bottom part contains several screw nut deepenings for fastening the case as you like. If you mount it to an 8 mm rod you can use the case clamps.
If the cables are plugged in, the case inevitably has a slope of 6°





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