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Aquatubes wedge

Descripción del modelo 3D

Ok... this may be hard to explain.

The other day we found these lovely glass tubes at a local furniture store (not expensive at all). They have a hole in the side so they are easy to hang. We bought three to hang in our bedroom (we had a rather empty wall). Initially we thought we'd fill them with pine cones or some other normal thing you may have lying around... but... then... it hit me... we like plants... but eh... how about.... Aquatic plants!

So that's what we're trying... we filled the tubes to around a 3rd with water and added some tiny aquatic plants... great... no need to water them so often!

Now I just hope it doesn't become a mess... standing water and all... may not be the freshest thing, but as an idea I love it, and the look is awesome!

Downside was that the tubes well.. they move from side to side a lot. So... I created a wedge that has an outer circumference matching the inside of the tubes, and perfectly fits the pegs.

I know this may not be useful to anyone else... But it's a nice example of a one off solution.





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