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Adafruit 2.2" PiTFT Raspberry Pi A+ Enclosure

Descripción del modelo 3D

The Adafruit 2.2" PiTFT HAT is a perfect mini display for all sorts of Raspberry Pi projects. In this project, we're going to 3D print an enclosure to fit the Pi A+ and the 2.2" PiTFT.

With this project, we can make a small astrobox that puts our 3D printer on the Wifi Network. The Astroprint image is easy to install and lets us control the printer with any device on the network.

Full Tutorial

We put together the enclosure in Fusion 360 using sketches. The 3 parts snap fit together with friction and most of the ports are accessible.

The parts fit nicely on the Printrbot Simple Metal and You can pick one up from the Adafruit Shop!

The Zebra plate from"Print-In-Z" makes removing the prints much easier and beats blue painters tape.

The parts print with no support material and takes just under 2 hours.

They came out looking exceptional using CURA with the default settings and slicing profile.

You only need to solder the socket header to the GPIO pinout on the display.

It’s a lot easier if you tack the header to the PCB and a use pana-vise to keep it sturdy while you solder.

The PiTFT snaps on top of the Raspberry Pi and 3D printed spacer keeps the two PCBs in place.

It slides into the case at an angle and clips on the edges keep them from coming out.

Ports line up nicely with the cutouts and everything just snap fits together.

Ninjaflex make great rubber actuators for the buttons on the Display.

Keep the protective film on until the last step!

Place the cover over the display and press the edges into the case to close it up.

Use any 5V battery or power source with a microUSB cable, and now we have our mini astrobox.

The PiTFT's make great displays for small Raspberry Pi projects.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

But be sure to check out the guide linked below for a full tutorial.


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