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3D Printed Pinhole Box

Descripción del modelo 3D

Here is my second version [truly printable] of the 3D printed pinhole box !

On the picture of 3D printed part it's all the test and fail print I do before I have an good one, the final parts are on the front.

The pictures are my first test film, taken with this printed box.

Sorry for the short description, I haven't time for the moment to write an real instruction notice.

Print all the part, bobine two time.
Build your own pinhole or buy one.
I buy mine at (use 0.26mm pinhole) but you can easy buid your own, there is a lot of tutorial on the web.
Glue your pinhole on the center of the BotierB part.
Glue some dark fabric on all the part that will be in contact with film, and on the inside of boitierA et boitierB, the top of Bobine et under the Bouchon.
Fix an hexagonal screwdriver head on the bouton part for pull the film.
When it's done you can assemble all piece with ruber band.
(sorry I haven't picture fully assembled, I lend my copy of it for summer before take some...)

You can use this pinhole box with both film or photographic paper
For the expose time you can use this little sofware for conversion :

For the rest your alone, I'll work on a true description with pictures and an real corected english on in september.
I'll upload the design file (SolidWorks) as soon as I can.

If you have some questions do not hesitate to ask.

For commercial use please ask me before.





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