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Round Clock eto

Descripción del modelo 3D

This is another version of Round Clock

Here, I am using "eto" substitute for ordinally numbers. The eto (十二支) is a index system developed in old china (over 4000 years ago), and it divides time, direction and even human life into 60 parts (period).

Also every indexes are not simple numbers but "animals". This is really interesting. The first one (0, not 1 or 12 in china) is "Mouse". 3rd is "Rabbit". 6th one is "Cow". 9th one is "Bird".

And all animals are written in one simple Kanji each. Is not it smart?

There is no good "Gold" ABS, so I painted them.

2nd from right was used.

If you want to make a Round Clock with "your own symbols", please draw them as eps (or .ai), and send them to me. I will convert and fit them to the Round Clock.

Or if you can use CINEMA 4D, make it by your hands.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

I am using DaVinci 1.0 3D printer by XYZ printing.

Layer pitch is 0.3mm.
Normal speed and normal shell thickness.

No raft. No support.
With stick paste(Tombow, Shiwanashi PIT).

480 minutes to print. 60 minutes for shaping, constructing and sanding.
40m for ABS.

Use jig to place numbers to correct position

Other parts,
1 clock movement module (typically 3-4$)
1 AA battery

Also if you have ø3.7 and ø5.5 hand reamers, they should help you to make hole on arrows accurately.

Only text parts were changed from original Round Clock, so other parts (face, body, arrows) are common with it.

However these parts were slightly changed by some reasons.

gap between text and arrows.
to hide center nut.






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