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Christmas Flower Jewel

Descripción del modelo 3D

Here is a Christmas flower ornament. Originally, I wanted to put it up as a set of components only (which can be assembled manually or used for multi extrusion printing), but decided to also include a combined model for those who just want to print it in a single colour.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

It has a hole in the top petal so a piece of wire or thread can be used to hang it up.

The components can be printed separately for manual assembly if wished. I would advise that if you plan to do this,ensure you have carefully measured the diameter of each filament type and have set up separate profiles accordingly to avoid problems with fitting.

Printing the jewel in a translucent plastic has a very pretty effect. I recommend printing the jewel hollow and upside down. You can also then use a piece of tin foil in the ole for the jewel on the flower base to create a reflective effect.



British techie (now 3D artist and designer) living in Texas since 2013. Owner of various open source printers. Love of assemblies, automata and support free models.




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